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About Us

~ Ushering in the Kingdom Age, Equipping God's People, and Spreading Truth for His Glory! ~

Anchored in the belief that truth, based on God's word, will set people free, TruthNet brings an intersection of Current Events, Apostolic Vision, and Prophetic Voices to inspire action on the 7 Mountains of Culture.

For too long, several of the 9 Gifts of the Spirit have been pushed to the side, ignoring the voices of prophets.  And indeed the 5 areas of ministry mentioned by the Apostle Paul have been selectively given room to operate.  At TruthNet, we help to explore these gifts, and give them application within the walls of the ecclesia, and outside the walls, equipping all to be Salt and Light.

TruthNet was founded in 2021 amidst the backdrop of the biggest changes our world has seen in generations.  The team, composed of business, media, teaching and ecclesia leaders is committed to deliver high quality content that fits our mandate.  To be part of Ushering in the Kingdom Age, Equipping God’s People, and Spreading Truth for His Glory!

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The Truth will set you free

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Our team contributing to our programs includes a Board of Directors, as well as these amazing servants of the Lord who have dedicated time to bringing our shows to you.  Please note, you are welcome to contact the on-screen contributors directly and make donations to them.  We at TruthNet, through donations of our viewing audience and Ekklesia partners, make regular financial contributions to the technical team and the on-screen contributors - a Worker is Worth his/her wages! (Matthew 10:10)

Barry Wunsch | Prophet

Barry Wunsch is a Canadian Prophet and Consultant.

He has a fathers heart and a love for family and community, bringing words of hope, restoration and healing to many. Barry has a deep love for Canada and has the heart of a reformer.

He is part of the Frontline Church in Sylvan Lake, Alberta Canada. A prophetic community who have gathered the Ecclesia for 20 years hosting some of the Canadas largest prophetic gatherings.

Barry brings words for individuals and regions and is a prophetic voice for Canada throughout social media. He ministers prophetically in meetings locally and regionally across Canada.

Barry was born and raised in Central Alberta, residing in Red Deer, Alberta. He is married to Judy and is the proud father of two sons.

Follow Barry or Donate Directly.

Sharon Kaseweter | Prophetic Contributor

I live in Oregon, I have had the Absolute blessing of growing up in the Great Northwest. I grew up experiencing signs, wonders, and miracles from about six years old on. That was when my mom invited Jesus Christ to be her Lord and Savior. Our lives were forever changed and I wasn’t to understand the power I grew up under for many many years.

I have operated in a Seer anointing since I can remember. It has been trial and error learning how to walk this walk but I know He’ll never give up on me so I will never give up on Him. I do not fear failure as I understand failure for what it is; Opportunity for growth and to maintain a humble heart!

I am currently writing several books on the prophetic and personal testimonies that I have experienced since the Lord called my name three times on thanksgiving day 1985.

Since that moment I have been at times unbeknownst to me walking a well-laid path that I could not see. As I look back I see that my daddy God used every mistake to take me where he initially wanted me. It has been a consistent time of hearing gods thoughts strongly since 1994.

Brian Falls | Prophetic Contributor

Brian Falls is a loving husband, a father to 3 amazing children, and a recent grandfather, with a passion to encourage especially in the prophetic. Brian has owned and operated businesses, been significantly involved in missions, and has spent time in pastoral ministry. As a family unit, the Falls family moved to Thailand to help run an orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS. They spent 4 years in Thailand and adopted their youngest child there before returning home. The time overseas solidified the family’s passion for justice issues, especially in the areas of child and sex trafficking. Brian and family currently reside in Chandler, Arizona after spending over 20 years in the Vancouver, BC area.

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