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Counseling & Mentorship, Shepherding

Igniting Destiny Episodes reveal how the Father knows each individual.  We understand and have seen requests for individuals to spend time with members of our team.  Thus we have made a way to facilitate that time using our infrastructure to make the connections.

While the words to describe sessions can include Counseling, Mentorship, Shepherding, Prayer, and Intercession, we are here to do our best to help you.

We suggest donations but they are not required.  We will follow-up separately.

If you are led to donate, following the counsel of 1Timothy 5:18 that a worker is worth his or her wages, your donations via TruthNet will be passed on to the team member you are working with.

To request a time, please fill in the form below, and rest assured of the strictest confidentiality.   We will follow-up with you shortly, and walk with you to begin the process.


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