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Howard Olsen | Host & Contributor

Howard Olsen thinks differently and doesn’t fit in any box. He’s a leading communications strategist, a highly sought-after sales and leadership consultant and now adds the office of Pastor and Kingdom Reformer to list of titles people use to describe him. One thing for sure, he challenges the status quo to bring his audiences of one or many to a higher place. 


As the Founder of High Output Training Systems, Howard Olsen is driven to inspire and empower small to medium enterprises with purposeful vision and practical road maps they can easily learn and immediately apply to generate predictable revenue, pressure‐free, with truth, trust and integrity.


As an Apostolic Marketplace Leader he’s called to equip, teach and train the ecclesia how to live the powerful victorious life we’ve been promised by understanding and harnessing the authority we’ve been given. 


Whether it’s in corporate, entrepreneurial or spiritual settings, Howard Olsen is unwavering in his commitment to speak truth and leave his audiences better than he found them by weaving both hope and courage into practical action plans.

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